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Chocolate Mystery Cake from Dump Cakes and more! -Recipe Review

When you think of crazy TV infomercial ideas how can you not think of Cathy Mitchell? She has presented many household things like the Red Copper products, ramen noodle cookbooks, and of course the Dump cookbooks. The Dump Cake one we are going to pull and taste a recipe from is probably the most well known of the Dump books next to Dump Dinners.

Today's recipe is Chocolate Mystery Cake, why is it a mystery? It is made with root beer yes root beer soda is one of the ingredients. If you own the Dump cakes book it'll be on page 58. As a bonus, the recipe also gives instructions to mix root beer with frosting so the frosting is root beer flavored. I will of course be doing the cake with the frosting because, why not go all out for this strange cake?

I will also not be the only reviewer of this cake, as I will be bringing it to my job and will be getting reviews from consenting coworkers on what they thought of this "masterpiece". I won't be telling anyone until the end that there is root beer in the cake unless they figure it out themselves.

This what it looks like after baking:

It looks like a normal chocolate cake if not maybe a bit lighter. but overall it looks pretty good considering it was made with root beer.

The frosted complete finished product with the root beer frosting:

It looks like a normal cake now no one would ever guess again it's made with root beer. Here are the reviews I gotten for this innocent looking cake:

It was very soft and fluffy- Chickadee

Very soft- Tonja

I already knew the secret ingredient- Kacharra

Cake was very moist and delicious, great job! -Lynnette

The cake for me tasted vaguely like root beer but not enough to give it any shock factor but it was a great delicious cake. I noticed everyone mentioned only the texture and not the taste of the cake(only 1 out of 4 mentioned that) so I'm uncertain if they liked the taste and my coworkers are probably too nice to tell me if they didn't like the taste. I will say I wouldn't mind making it again as it turned out nice it's just the gimmick of adding root beer didn't amount to much. If your adventurous and like to experiment with unique recipes I say go for it as it tasted nice despite the odd ingredient.

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