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Christmas themed Hedgehog Blind Box- Mystery Box Review

I got this mystery box from pretty much the only place where you can find hedgehog mystery boxes. Yes, I have a pet hedgehog named Hermione who is 4yo and your basic salt and pepper color(if You don't know I'm a Harry Potter fan you haven't been reading my blog for long so Welcome!). This blind box comes from Kellis Crafts and More priced at $28. They make tons of items for small animals like hedgehogs and guinea pigs. I hope this blind box will make my hedgehog's Christmas.

These are the items I was given a couple handmade sloth supplies, and 3 items for me. Is this box worth the price despite the cute items?

Cactus coin purse- $7?

I couldn't find this anywhere but average price for a coin purse is roughly $7. I like the cactus unfortunately I'm not a huge fan of pink.

Sloth Stay open Snuggle sack- $10

My hedgehog still likes her snuggle sack from last year when I ordered this so I'm sure she'll like this one.

Sloth Square pillow- $12

I have never given her a pillow before but I'm sure she'll take to it or just go under it.

Hedgehog socks-$6?

I will 100% wear these.

Hedgehog Necklace- $10?

I love this cute little necklace, but I don't wear jewelry often due to my job.

Total Value-$45

Overall Review

This mystery box was a lot of fun to open and considering I'll keep most of the items, this box is worth it. If you want to surprise yourself, and your furry little friend check out this mystery box.

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