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Chrono Crusade- Anime Review

Chrono Crusade is a strange team up anime between a nun and a demon. The anime has action, comedy, fan-service, and religious undertones. Chrono Crusade is not a long anime at only 24 eps, but each ep is packed full of story and action.

The Plot

Rosette Christopher is an exorcist working for the Order of Magdalene, her partner is a devil named Chrono who has been her friend for years. The two teamed up after a tragedy, caused by another devil named Ion. Aion took away Rosette's younger brother named Joshua after giving him Chrono's horns the source of his demon power.

After the events, Rosette made a contract with Chrono. Due to the contract, Rosette has a limited life span as each time she releases Chrono's demon power her time on earth literally ticks away. It is a race against time to save Joshua from Aion and preventing him from throwing the world into chaos.

My Review

The relationship between Rosette and Chrono is an innocent and touching one. They work together and make sacrifices all to save her brother who is captured by another devil. I can't imagine a better and more opposite pair than Rosette and Chrono and for them and their friends who defy the odds I give this anime an 10/10.

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