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Clannad & After Story- Anime Review

Clannad is one of the most well known tear jerker anime based off a visual novel. This is a perfect romance drama to review for The Month of Love because of how well known it is, it's based off a visual novel/dating game, and the heart breaking crying moments that come from love and kindness(most of those are in After Story).

The Plot

Tomoya Okazaki is a 3rd year high school student(a senior in the Japanese school system) with a tough life. His mother died when he was young and his father turned into an gambling alcoholic until he sent Tomoya to the hospital. To repent his father tries to be nice to his son but they live a life of mere strangers then family.

On Tomoya's way to school for the first day he meets Nagisa who is a year older than him but is repeating a year due to having been sick her last school year. She wishes to start a drama club as she was unable to last year. Tomoya reluctantly agrees to help her start the club and get members. The members they get are a strange bunch of girls who have their own unique problems. Will Tomoya find something to be passionate about or will his last year of high school just be time flowing by?

My Review

Clannad has amazing animation, good characters and a good story. The relationship between Nagisa and Tomoya is good but I really enjoy how much fun Nagisa's family is. This anime can be heavy on the drama but for the most part this is a romance drama that develops many characters then just the main couple. If you have seen Key's other works like Air TV and Kanon then you'll enjoy this. Clannad gets an 7/10.

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