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Claymore- Anime Review

For action horror fans, this Halloweenathon check out an inhuman heroine called a Claymore. I saw this series a few times, and I remember liking it enough I got a complete series of it on a Blu-ray box set(used but still).

The Plot

Yoma are monsters that prey on humans by hiding among them. The only beings who can identify and kill them are called Claymores, half Yoma and half human hybrid women. Clare is one such Claymore duty bound to assist the humans in their plight, but she has another goal in mind, vengeance. She is sworn to avenge a cherished friend from her mysterious past.

My Review

I loved this series and the dynamic between Clare and Raki. The other Claymore are likeable, and I got really invested in the world it set up. Claymore is a good length series at 26 eps and I feel it didn't try to drag itself on and ended well though not in the way I expected. If you want an anime starring a strong woman, and into action-horror then give this series a shot this Halloween.

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