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Claymore- Manga Review

I loved the anime of this series for years and recently, I got the box set of the manga so, time to break it out of its package and read the volumes within. Will the manga be better as it is the original?


In a world where monsters called Yoma prey on humanity there is little hope. Yoma are creatures that can disguise themselves as humans, only those called Claymore, can tell them apart from their human victims. The reason the silver eyed Claymore can tell the difference is that they are half Yoma themselves. One Claymore named Clare is on a mission to not only kill Yoma, but for revenge.


If you have seen the anime than the first half of the volumes are pretty similar, but it then branches off and the second half gets even better. Clare and the Claymores may all be silver haired and silver eyed, but they all stand out in their own way. Claymore is a dark fantasy with horror and tragedy and the few happy moments moved me to tears. If you like manga with horror, action, tragedy, and fantasy rolled into one, I highly recommend giving this series a read.

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