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Cloaked- Book Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Cloaked is another fairy-tale re-imagining by Alex Finn the author of Beastly. This one is a bit different as its based of not one but several fairy-tales combined into one, to find one which ones you'll have to read this book as I don't wish to spoil too much.

Cloaked starts off with a boy named Johnny who works at a shoe repair counter at a nice hotel in Miami; right next to his best friend Meg who works at the coffee shop. He dreams of one day designing his shoes and even has designed a pair himself using scraps from forgotten shoes, but he has no connections, so he can't sell his shoes yet.

His dreams may come true when one of the richest, and most famous princess comes to his shoe repair store needing her shoe repaired. Once he has finished repairing her shoe he returns it to her room only to find she did this to lure him to her room to give him a quest. The Princess wants Johnny to go out and find her brother who has been turned into a frog. She gives him a magic cloak that can teleport you anywhere you wish to go to help Johnny on his quest, he agrees thinking he'll, finally, have the adventure he always wanted and is promised the princess's hand in marriage if he succeeds. Unfortunately, the adventure may be too much then he bargained for.

I enjoyed Cloaked from the beginning to end and thought it was an inventive story with good and bad magic, and having a good moral(which I won't say as it will spoil the story). I'll give Cloaked an 8/10 for bringing a new side to the magic world that Alex Finn started with Beastly.

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