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Clover- Manga Review

I'm a huge Clamp fan. I'd love to be able to own every one of their works but money isn't unlimited. Borrowed this from the local library to be able to read it all.


Sue is the only four-leaf clover in the world, whose children have special abilities known as clovers. The clovers are ranked 1 to 4 based on how powerful they are. Since Sue is the most powerful, she is kept isolated for the world's protection. Sue wishes to be able to visit a theme park 1 time to see the outside world.


I'm a simple girl so, the deep and symbolism in Clover go over my head. It is a very sad and tragic story, though most clamp works are tragedies. The art is beautiful, but the layout of it is very simple. If you are a big Clamp fan and must read all their works give Clover a go, but to me, there is better Clamp works out there.

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