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Code: Breaker- Anime Review

I got this anime on clearance on RightStuf. Amazingly, it was an Blu ray, limited edition box set. The cover reminded me of Blue Exorcist and for the price($8) I couldn't pass it up. Did I get an bargain or was there a good reason this anime was so cheap?


Although she seems delicate, Sakura Sakurakouji is a skilled martial artist with a sense of justice. Upon witnessing people burn up in blue flames, she calls the police only to find out the murderer left no evidence. The next day, transfer student Rei Oogami is the very person she witnessed being murdered in cold blood, and her doubts about what she saw disappear. Rei quickly becomes popular at school as people see him as kind. To Sakura's shock, she realizes his sense of justice is revenge and she tries to help him to stay on the right path before more are hurt due to his mysterious powers.


This anime, 100% made my collection shelf. Sakura is an amazing girl who never turns back on her beliefs and Rei truly grows as a person. The Code: Breakers are an interesting group of humans with unique abilities that fight underground for their own reasons. The anime does kind of end on a cliffhanger, so I hope for a season 2, but only time will tell on that. If you like an darker take on super powered people fighting evil but use evil to do so then give Code: Breakers a Code: Go.

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