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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion- Anime Review

This is a review for both season 1 and 2 of Code Geass(like the picture shows). There is no question that I love this anime as I do own the Blu-ray collection pictured. Code Geass mixes mecha, action, magic and more in a 50 ep 2 season show. The concept art of the anime is done by famous Mangaka group Clamp as you can see during the anime.

The Plot

After the murder of his mother and his sister being blind and crippled, Lelouch vi Britannia confronted his father the Emperor of Britannia on the circumstances. Upon getting an unsatisfactory answer, Lelouch renounced his crown as heir and was sent to Japan with his sister Nunnally.

Eight years later Japan is now Area 11 after being taken over by the Britannia Empire. All former Japanese are labeled as 11s and Britannia has their own settlement for nobles and their families. Lelouch now going by the name of Lelouch Lamperouge(to protect his identity as a prince) goes to Ashford Academy a Britannia school set in Area 11.

One day, Lelouch encounters a green haired woman named C.C.(C2) who gives him the power of Geass, the power to command people to obey him. With this new power, he sets off to find out who murdered his mother and to recreate a better world for his sister Nunnally. To do this he disguises himself as Zero a hero of justice who will free Japan from the Britannia Empire, along with his followers The Black Knights. This action causes a war that will change the world, but will it be for the better or worse?

My Review

I have seen this anime many times and each time the final ending makes me cry. I find this series has a perfect ending to the war and battle for the world it takes place. Lelouch and Code Geass's great cast of characters make this anime to remember. If you have not seen this anime, please give it watch. I rate this anime a 10/10 for the world, characters and the amazing ending that will not disappoint.

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