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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection Movie

This movie was shown in limited theaters over the course of 3 days May 5th, May 7th and May 8th. The only subbed showing was May 5th(saw the May 7th showing as I like the dub). This movie is meant to be the final(maybe? Or a new story series?) of the movie retelling series which was made after the anime series. If you have not seen the anime series, or the movie series of Code Geass then DO NOT READ FARTHER AS THIS MOVIE'S PLOT WILL REVEAL MAJOR SPOILERS!!

The Plot

It has been a 2 years since Lelouch's great sacrifice to unite both the people of Japan and the people of Britannia. The world has been at peace until the kidnapping of both Nunnally and Suzaku(acting as Zero) by a country run by a brother and sister. The United Federation of Nations seeks to save them both. Meanwhile, C.C. is traveling with an empty shell of Lelouch(who has no memories of his former self) and seeks to restore him at a temple that will connect to C.C.'s world. They run into Kallen, Lloyd, and Sayoko who team up to get Lelouch to be the man they remember. Will Lelouch be restored and will he be able to use his amazing skills to save Nunnally and Suzaku and defeat the siblings who have an unheard of Geass?

My Review

I have only seen the anime series so, I was a bit confused on a few things that differed between the anime series, and the move retelling, but I kept up with the movie ok despite that. I will say you'll be better off seeing the movies first and do not come into this movie blind without any prior Geass anime or movie watching, you will be completely lost. I enjoyed watching this movie but I feel I should have seen the movies first.

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