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Cooking Mama-Nintendo DS Review

Games don't have to have big stories to be fun. Sometimes a game can be great with just simple gameplay. Is this one of those games? Gameplay Follow the steps of the recipe by slicing, cutting, boiling, peeling, flipping and arranging items using purely the touch screen. The mini games to complete a dish may range from 3 to 10 steps. As you complete each step you are graded on how well you did, and at the end you can get a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal based on how well you completed the meal.

Review This game was a fun time. Most recipes are inspired by Japanese Cuisine, which after I was fortunate enough to have visited Japan earlier this year, made the game more interesting. I actually knew some of the dishes from my travels which made it fun to recreate and get an idea on how they are made. If you want a fun mini game collection on making Japanese food then look no farther then Cooking Mama!

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