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Crash Bandicoot The N'Sane Trilogy: Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back- Nintendo Switch Review

It's been awhile since I reviewed Crash. I haven't given up yet on beating the series even if I can't get a single gem. I'm finally reviewing Crash 2: Cortex Strikes Back!


Dr. Neo Cortex abducts Crash and tells him he needs crystals to save the world - not being the brightest bulb, Crash believes him and goes off exploring to find the purple Crystals.


Instead of going through levels in order like the first game you are taken to a warp room with five levels to choose from. You can beat the levels in any order and once you collect the five crystals you can defeat the floor's boss. Once you do that you can access the next floor of the warp room and repeat.

There are more box types including Nitro boxes and Crash can perform new moves like the belly flop to smash chained boxes. The basic controls remain the same: the joystick to move, X to jump, and Y to attack, etc.


The Journey was better then the destination in this title. The 25 levels to get all the crystals (I actually got three gems this time, mostly by accident), felt more of an accomplishment than the final boss battle. The Final battle wasn't bad it was just easier then the other boss battles. I still love this game just not as much as the first. If you loved the first game then Crash 2 is more of the same goodness.

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