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Crossroad- Steam Game Review

This is my very first visual novel. I figured for the Month of Love to drive into one of these as they are very popular romance themed video games in Japan. I found this one on sale on Steam and figured I'd give it a shot as it stars a girl, and you can end up with a guy.

The Plot

You/the player control a girl named Lumy who is off to visit her grandmother. Lumy is a cute girl who needs to go through the woods or by the river to get to her grandmother's. Who will she meet or what encounters will she have on the way?


There is not much game play other than selecting what option you want Lumy to do but be careful any option decides your character's fate so there is no take backs. To select an option or go to the next page to read what is going on just click with your mouse.

My Review

I'm enjoying the branching storylines and picking out different outcomes to see what will happen. This game has over 30 different outcomes so while the path to each outcome is short this game will likely last a long time. I only completed a few outcomes so far but I may update once I get them all. I give this game a 7/10 for being short but having nearly endless possibilities.

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