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D. Gray-Man - Anime Review

I was a big fan of this series in high school, such a big fan I draw Allen, Lenalee, and Lavi on my pencil box(I still have it I use it for a travel case for my 3DS, for when I go on big trips). I haven't seen D. gray-man since high school, and I forgot about it until I got season 1 and 2 sets from a con last year. I then forgot I owned them until now, so should this show remain forgotten or should it be remembered?

The Plot Allen Walker is a new recruit to the Black Order, an organization that collects innocence(source of the exorcists powers), and defeat Akuma(spirits that are created by tragedy) created by the Millennium Earl. Allen and his fellow exorcists must stop the Earl and his creations from killing innocent people and thus creating more akuma.

My Review I liked this series at first, but as it went on, I got bored of it. The world is good if your into a dark series where there is many death and suffering. The akuma designs can also be creative, but it is the usual "monster of the week" series so it gets repetitive at times. I also hated the new animation that was shown in the Hallow series it seemed much cheaper quality then the previous seasons. D. Gray Man is a series that has a great premise, and characters, but does go on a bit longer then it needs to be.

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