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Dance in the Vampire Bund- Anime Review

What is Halloween without vampires? This series features both vampires and werewolves and despite the picture it is more horror than romance. Let's check out Dance in the Vampire Bund!

The Plot

Mina Tepes is the queen of vampires and she proposes to have her colony live in peace from humans of course there is outrage as many vampires enjoy feasting off humans. Mina and her comrade Akira a werewolf will fight against the evil that is ruining the peace.

My Review

I honestly thought it would just be a fan service anime, but man was I wrong. The anime while mainly horror and mature elements does feature a more innocent, but forbidden romance between our main leads. Sadly, it ends on a cliffhanger as I guess the anime didn't do well enough for a second season. If you want a mature anime with all the horror but a nice romance Dance in the Vampire Bund might be one to sink your teeth into.

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