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Darker than Black- Anime Review

Darker than Black is a series I remember fondly, but due to a previous review I'm cautious that it may not be as great as I remember for Favorites Month. The story is much darker and another rated M piece, but considering it follows an assassin it is for much different reasons than Abenobashi.

The Plot Hei is a contractor(a human with supernatural powers) for an organization called the Syndicate. His job is often assassin work and he is not the only one there is many contractors who have to work for various countries to get various valuable items, assassinate, and other tasks. Unfortunately, for the contractors to use their powers there is a price to pay.

My Review I can see why I remember watching it even years later. The characters are all memorable(there's even a talking cat), the conflict is interesting and the animation is great. My favorite characters are the doll Yin and cat contractor though Hei is great too. I will say it might not be as good as I remember it, but it is still worth watching again in the future.

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