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Deadman Wonderland -Anime Review

Deadman Wonderland was a popular anime when it first came out but like many it has been forgotten by the sands of time. This horror anime on a death row amusement park as you may have guessed is not for the faint of heart. There will be blood, gore, and guts.

The Plot

Ganta Igarashi is framed for murdering his entire classroom in broad daylight. Once declared guilty he is sent to a publicly funded prison called Deadman Wonderland as a death row inmate. In order to survive he must eat a special anti-dote candy every 3 days as the collar injects poison into him.

Ganta is not alone he meets a strange albino girl named Shiro and a shady inmate named Yo. The trio band together to survive in a prison where in order to live you must risk death in front of amusement park customers. The trials can be a deadly obstacle course, fights to the death with other inmates, or even a slot machine where you will lose a part of you. Ganta and his friends seek to escape the prison and clear Ganta's name.

My Review

Deadman Wonderland is an intense experience. The 12 eps went by so quickly with never a dull moment. It is unfortunate the ending is just a cliffhanger as the anime was finished before the manga was. I give this anime an 7/10 for a being a great short experience but lacking an ending.

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