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Dear Brother/Oniisama e - Anime Review

Dear Brother(or Oniisama e as its titled in Japan) was the anime I got from right Stuf Anime as my mystery $25 bargain item(for full details see my review on that). I said upon receiving it I'd give it a shot even though high school dramas aren't my cup of tea, so did it impress me?

The story is told by Nanako as she writes letters to her pen pal she calls "brother", who she met in middle school. The anime begins with Nanako Misonoo starting her first day of high school at Seiran Academy, where she runs into one of the school idols on the train named Rei(school nicknamed her Saint Juste). Rei being calm and collected doesn't take much notice of her but Miya-sama does as the queen of the school and head of the sorority. It doesn't take long for freshmen Nanako to be selected into the school's sorority where every girl wants to be chosen into this elite group. Unfortunately, for Nanako the rest of the student body decided she doesn't deserve to be chosen and bullies her by putting razor blades in her desk to cutting up her gym clothes. Will Nanako's school life ever be peaceful?

This anime was a hard one for me to sit through as if you have seen any elite high school drama you likely know where this is going to go. It doesn't bring much new to the table of dramas other than girls falling for girls other than boys. The animation seems older than its release date of 1991 and sometimes seemed washed out. I was honestly hoping for this to be a surprise to drama's like Boys Over Flowers(I'll review this someday) where the girl stands up against the elite group but no it was predictable, and I hardly found any characters likable and not shallow. I give this anime a 3/10 for being a struggle for me to watch.

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