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Death Note- Anime/Manga Review

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Death Note is a popular anime, has been voted a top anime in Japan and most American fans have seen it. This anime is dark, and makes you question your morals, on where you stand in this world and at what cost. The reason for this anime's popularity is likely the battle of wits between the 2 main characters.

The Plot

Light Yagami is your top of the class genius who aces tests with ease, so much so that life has become boring. One day, he sees a notebook fall from the sky and land in his school yard. The notebook turns out to be called a Death Note a tool used to end human life.

Light sick of the crime and terrible people in this world decides to take it upon himself to kill the rotten people. He also believes by doing so is justice and will make him god of the new world. The police and a mysterious person called L oppose Light in their sense of justice. Who is right, who will win and at what cost?

Anime Review

I always enjoyed this anime and each time I feel like I learn more about the world it is set, where I stand on justice and which side is truly right. If you have not seen this anime I urge you to watch it and tell me what side you chose in the end.

Manga Review

I liked this nearly as much as the anime and other then the ending and a few things not shown in the anime Death Note is fairly much the same. I actually preferred the end to the anime more but honestly you can watch or read Death Note and still get a similar experience it just depends if you prefer to read or watch.

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