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The Demon Ororon-Manga Review

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

I bought this exact complete collection book at Open Books which is a non-profit book store I volunteer at in Chicago. I figured for $10 I'd give this a try and thought "oh a romance between a demon and a half angel interesting". It was very interesting.

The Plot

The Demon Ororon is about the tragic love between Ororon who is the King of Devils and Chiaki who is the daughter between the Archangel Michael and human. Chiaki finds Ororon just sitting in the rain, and she takes him in like a stray dog. Ororon who thanks her for doing so grants her wish. Her wish was for him to stay with her forever as she is lonely after being orphaned by her parents. The two get along and meet a couple cat beasts named Shiro and Kuro and become friends with Chiaki's only friend Lika. Things slowly turn into chaos as it is revealed Ororon has a bounty on his head from the demon world and Chiaki who is half angel is considered a forbidden species and is often hunted just because she exists. Ororon, Chiaki and their friends must fight to survive in a world where not all angels are good and not all demons are evil.

My Review

I found this story to be a tragic insane romance between 2 opposites with action, blood, and death all mixed up inside. The art style while strange at first slowly grows on you to the point you can't imagine the characters any different. While I finished this series, and will likely read again it is not one of my favorites. I'm not a huge fan of tragic romance in general and a lot of characters in this are sick minded. If you like drama with blood, death, and crazy characters I'm sure you'll love it. I will give this a rating of 5/10, it kept me reading to the end, but some things I just didn't really care for.

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