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Detective Pikachu- 3DS Review

Since the live action Detective Pikachu comes out next month I figured now would be as good time as any to review the game. I played the demo when it came out on the 3DS and enjoyed it so I bought the full game(physical copy I like owning physical media). So is this game worth making a movie based off it?

The Plot

Tim Goodman arrives in Ryme City to search for his father who went missing on a detective case 2 months ago, runs into a pikachu only he understands who calls himself a great detective. The Pikachu and Tim end up teaming up to solve the case of Tim's missing father, Harry Goodman.


This game consists of mostly lower screen game play where you can organize your case notes, testimonies, and clues using the buttons or the stylus. You can also use the bottom screen to talk to Pikachu.

On the top screen is where you will see yourself exploring and see what you can interact with to interact with anything just stand in front of a Pokemon, person, or object and press A.

There is no Pokemon battles in this game if there is action it is mostly done by quick time events where you press the A button at the right time. Pikachu can't even use any Pokemon moves either, but sometimes you can get Pokemon to help you out with their powers.

My Review

I really enjoyed this game it really makes you think like a detective. I loved the fact not only can you get testimonies from people but also Pokemon. It was a good difficulty for me but if you're experienced in detective style games like Phoenix Wright then this may be easy for you. If you like Pokemon and you're interested in trying out detective style games I fully recommend this one as your first time.

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