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Dog and Scissors- Anime Review

Here is another Sentai Sale deal and well, I love reading, dogs and comedy so why not? This looks like it could be really bad or something that is good, but just very weird.


Harumi Kazuhito loves novels and when he witnesses his favorite novelist about to get killed he saved her dying in the process. Luckily or unluckily he is reborn as a dog and is his favorite novelist's pet.


Although the series is fun it just felt as if the plot went nowhere. Every couple of eps, it felt as if it would go somewhere, but then we'd be right back where we started on the mystery. The relationship between the novelist and the dog is kind of funny, but is abusive. This series was weird and funny at times, but when it's this aimless in the story it doesn't exactly hold your attention much. If you want an comedy that is weird and doesn't make much sense then go for it.

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