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Dragonaut: The Resonance- Anime Review

I recently bought this series, but I have seen this before I started this little blog. I remember liking it and as usual over the years I forgot about it until I saw someone selling the complete series so, of course I had to get it to relive some memories. Is this mid-2000s series best forgotten?


Twenty years ago, Pluto was destroyed by an asteroid that ended up in orbit, named Thanatos. In order to save Earth from impending doom, the International Solarsystem Development Agency(ISDA) works on developing weapons called dragons after an egg is found in the ocean. The dragons seem to have been originally from Thanatos. In the present day, we follow Jin who after witnessing what looks like a murder from a strange creature gets involved in ISDA to stop Thanatos dragon attacks. Helping him is Toa who saves him after a creature attacks him. As they uncover the mysteries of the dragons they meet new friends, enemies and get to know each other.


This series was great I'm surprised I forgot about it due to the passage of time. It 100% makes my anime collection shelf. Jin, Toa and all the characters are interesting and you end up feeling for a lot for them as they grow through the story. The dragons are designed well and while the cgi is kind of dated it holds up well to the animation of the series itself. The only thing I didn't care for was ep 26 which is a side story that doesn't make much sense in the context of the story not to mention in my set it plays after the great emotional ending of ep 25. If you like series like Code Geass, science fiction with a touch of fantasy, or think dragons in space sounds cool then check out Dragonauts!

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