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Drifters- Anime Review

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Drifters is a rated Mature/R as well but unlike Nana for adult themes and sexual content this one is rated that due to violence and curses. I saw an ep of this anime last year January during Uchi-Con an FREE anime con at the University of Chicago. Since then, I was greatly interested in this anime, but didn't watch until now due to other anime I wanted to watch more.

The Plot

Shimazu Toyohisa after being wounded during the Battle of Sekigahara(1600) finds himself in a white hallway with hundreds of doors and 1 man at a desk. Shimazu goes to confront this stranger but before he can he is sucked into one of the doors and awakes in a world unlike his own.

The new world he is flung into has elves, dwarves, dragons and all sorts of fantasy creatures. Once there, he meets Oda Nobunaga and Nasu no Yochi who are also drifters(a term used for people brought in from other worlds). Shimazu then notices the elf village nearby is being attacked and after being brought to the other Drifters by 2 elf children he repays them by freeing the elf slaves in the village. This act starts a journey to conquer and free the country from Orte Empire, will try succeed or is Shimazu just living on borrowed time?

My Review

I liked this anime(well the first season that is all that is released as of now) for its characters, and the interesting plot of the Drifters going out to defeat the Orte Empire and the Ends for their own sake and others. With a great mix of fantasy, and history this anime gets an 8/10.

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