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Ebay Mystery Box for Charity- Mystery Box Review

This is another eBay mystery box I found. This one when I bought it said 10% of the profit would go to Feeding America. I spent $25 this time to get this box that I have no idea what is in it other than the seller stating I may get manga, DVDs, and merch. So what is inside this charity box?

Here are the items I got. I don't think this box could have been any more random with this strange mix of manga, DVDs, figures, and a DS stylus. Was the box worth it?

Legends of The Dark Crystal Volume 1- $5

I never seen The Dark Crystal and I'm uncertain how a comic(I say comic because this is not a manga despite Tokyopop being a manga company) series based off an American movie will even work.

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword Volume 17- $3

It is strange to get a manga volume so late in the series in a mystery box as it'd be hard to read it with it being so late in the series. I also know this series is nearly 30 volumes so even more unlikely I'll read it.

Harlem Beat Volume 2- $10

Strangely from what I'm seeing this volume is being sold for as high as $30 bucks I have no idea why. It seems to be a manga made in the era of manga where companies would flip the image so the book can be read in American left to right style instead of the Japanese right to left style.

Shinobi: Hidden Techniques- $3

Seems to be a live action Japanese movie on ninjas. I'm not really interested in seeing it especially due to the fact this is the 3rd movie in a series of 5.

Macross Volume 3- $10

This seems to a sci fi anime series and another one where strangely people are posting prices for it as high as $60. I have no idea why but considering you can get season sets of this series for less I have no idea why this disc is worth so much.

Rurouni Kenshin Season 1 set- $20

I have seen and liked this series it wasn't high on my list to own, but I'll gladly keep this box set.

Hack Roots Special Edition- $16

When I first saw this I thought it was the complete series and got excited but nope it's just a fancy volume 6 box set.

Skylanders stylus- $9

I never played these games and I never will so I'll not keep this oversized stylus.

Random figures-$5

These figures are just random but the Yami one is pretty cool looking.

Overall Value- $71


This mystery box was interesting and fun to see what was inside. I'll likely not keep much but I'm sure I'll find a home for all the rest of the items. The value was pretty good so again the worst case scenario I can sell some of it.

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