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Eldest- Book Review

Eldest is the sequel to Eragon in the Inheritance Cycle. It is also the book where the series starts to get its own identity and expands its world more with points of view from not only Eragon, but others as well. Is it all enough to make this book better than the first?

The Plot

After Eragon's victory for the Varden tragedy, strikes again as the Varden Leader is killed. Eragon and Saphira do their best to select a new leader, and it seems the Varden will continue if not stronger than ever. Shortly after, Eragon, Saphira, Arya and Orik all head north to the land of the elves to receive the rest of their Dragon Rider training.

While Eragon is training with his new mentor Roran is having problems of his own in Carvahall as the Ra'zac wish to capture him for information on Eragon. Roran and Carvahall fight back, but they are no match for Galbatorix's forces, so they elect to leave Carvahall to Surda in hopes of a better life.

My Review

Eldest, to me is better than the first book as the action is building and Eragon's training with the elves is interesting as it shows more of the rules of magic and how the elves live. I did also enjoy reading about Roran, his travels with his village, and the lengths a bunch of ordinary villagers go through to survive. If you liked the first book or even found it a tad disappointing just give the series your time with this one and if this book doesn't make you want to finish the series nothing will.

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