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Elfen Lied- Anime Review

It is seldom I give warnings before my review but if you are easily squeamish, scared, or disturbed DO NOT watch this anime. Elfen Lied is infamous for showing shocking scenes of even kids doing horrific things, gore, nudity, and lots of blood. This anime is rated mature for a good reason and only if you are not easily disturbed should you watch this.

The Plot

A young woman washes up on the shore and college student Kouta takes her in and decides to care for her as she seems to have memory loss. The girl while she looks humans is known as "diclonious" a mutated species that have pink hair, horns coming from the head and 4 invisible arms called vectors. The girl now named Nyu was an escaped experiment, and the lab wants her back at all costs sending other diclonious, and a Special Assault Team just to recapture her. Can Kouta remember the past he and Nyu shared and survive these deadly capture attempts with Nyu?

My Review

This series, if you can get past the horrific things' humanity is shown doing in it will show you a tragic tale of how we treat those who are different. The diclonious race is often used as weapons and killed mercilessly when they themselves kill. Lucy the center of it all has had a horrid past and wishes to forget, but knows nothing can be forgotten. Even the human characters have to suffer in this anime. If you want to see emotional storytelling of how horrid, the world can be and if there is hope then you may like Elfen Lied.

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