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Eragon- Book Review

It is now time for the Novel series part of Favorites Month. This time, it's the Inheritance Cycle starting with the book that started it all Eragon. When I was in high school, these books were coming out, and I was amazed when the author wrote this book at the age of 18.

The Plot

Eragon is a normal farm boy who is raised by his uncle until he finds what thinks is a giant blue stone. It turns out it was a dragon egg when a small blue dragon hatches. He raises the dragon in secret until King Galbatorix's servants the Ra'zac come to the village, destroy the farm and kill his uncle. Vowing vengeance, Eragon, his dragon Saphira, and Brom, who has a mysterious past embark on a long quest, to kill the Ra'zac, and find the Varden, a group of people who rebel against the King's rule.

My Review

I think this is a good first installment to the series as it sets up the world nicely. I know many people mention this book isn't very original, but it was the author's first book so I give it some slack(also considering I never wrote a hit novel how am I to judge?). I did like the characters, Saphira herself is a great character, and while Eragon many be your generic good guy he still has some personality.

I like the fantasy world of this with elves, dwarves, and an original creation a Shade(at least to me it is original and new). The history of the Dragon Rider's and Galbatorix's rise to power is interesting, and I like how it's told as a bard telling a story. If you like stories where dragons are great characters and not only powerful creatures this book is a good one to start with.

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