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Eureka Seven- Anime Review

Updated: Aug 15

This is an anime series I picked up because I recall watching it, but don't remember much about it. I remember the pink haired girl and the boy on this cover are the main characters, but beyond that nothing. Is this series best left forgotten or will it be like Dragonauts and become a favorite?


Renton aspires to leave this small town behind but is stuck learning to become a mechanic like his Grandfather. His only pastime is riding Trapar waves much like surfing.

Everything changes when an object crashes into his garage. The object turns out to be a robot that can ride on Trapar waves and its Pilot. The girl Pilot named Eureka requests him to repair the robot and thus begins a life of adventure unlike anything he dreamed of.


I love this series and I can't imagine why I forgot it existed. The love story is cute and innocent, but the plot itself gets dark with blood and mass killing. While that sounds like a complete mismatch of tones it works out great for this series. Every crew member gets screen time and you get to know them, including some enemy members. Everyone also seems to have a purpose for being in the story. If you ever had big dreams or fell in love for the first time I recommend giving this series test drive.

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