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Excel Saga- Anime Review

Here is another rated M anime comedy, Excel Saga. This is one of the craziest anime I remember liking, so why not view it for Favorites Month! Will it fare better than the last M comedy I reviewed? Let's check out Excel Saga!

The Plot To Accross the world is corrupt and their solution? To conquer it all, but they are small and smart so they decide to focus on conquering a city. The agents Excel(the crazy blonde), and Hyatt(the pretty girl who spits out blood and faints), live together with a dog named Menchi who they declared is their emergency food supplies. Living next door is their enemies from the Department of City Security. Their mission? Dress up their employees in Sentai uniforms and go on missions to protect the city. Which side will win?

My Review I was sadly once again disappointed on my rewatch of Excel Saga. It is a shame when you see something you thought you loved and realize it wasn't as good as you remember it. Excel Saga is full of jokes and crazy moments, but after a awhile of watching it I just got bored with jokes in a situation and nothing else. The characters are pretty one note and they don't seem to grow or change throughout the series. If you like simple characters and jokes and not much else than feel free to give it a watch, but I'd recommend just skipping it.

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