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Familiar of Zero- Anime Review

I saw this series years ago on an anime streaming site and saw all 4 seasons. I remember liking it so during the Sentai Filmworks Summer Sale last year when the complete series set was on sale for only $35 I had to get it to see if it is worth a re-watch.

The Plot

Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Vallere is given the nickname of Louise The Zero due to the fact her magic is at the bottom of the class. When the class summons their familiars they get dragons, and powerful creatures and what does Louise get? A human boy named Saito from Tokyo. Unable to send him back he is stuck being Louise's familar and Louise is stuck with her nickname.

My Review

I rarely care for anime that has fan service, but this is one the best with it. The characters all grow and change in the nearly 50 eps series and the show is not all fun and games with regular enemies threatening to destroy the world of magic. I like how when it needs to be it'll take itself seriously during tragic events or battles. If you thought Harry Potter was too serious, needed more girls, and don't mind the crazy fan service and harem tropes, and the heroes are a couple crazy in love then check out The Familiar of Zero.

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