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Fell by Clement-Davies- Book Review

Fell is the sequel to The Sight and this time like the title Fell is the one with the destiny. This novel has more human characters introduced, and the conflict has more to do with the humans than the wild.

The Plot

*SPOILERS: if you haven't read The Sight*

It has been 5 years since Larka died after the vision of the Man Varg revealed the big secret that man is also animal. Fell who survived and regrets what he did back then has survived the last years as a Kerl-a lone wolf-.

One day, Fell gets a vision in the water from Larka stating he is to protect a young human as the human is the key to saving nature. Fell unsure, what to believe sets out to find this marked human to fulfill his destiny. It turns out the human is a young girl who also has powers of the Sight, so the two unlikely duo can communicate with their minds. Can a wolf and human work together on their quest to find the girl's parents and help nature survive?

My Review

I enjoyed this novel but not as much as The Sight I feel it repeated a lot of pointless remarks and lines like "goblins" and "changling". It kind of took me out of the story when it did that but, otherwise, Fell was good. The relationship between Fell and Alina was interesting considering Fell is wild and Alina is a human. I rate this a 7/10.

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