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For The Wolf By Hannah Whitten- Book Review

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

If you know anything about me, it is that I love wolves and fantasy. Hell the title of my website is a Red Riding Hood reference, so when I saw this book featured in the new section of the library of course I had to read it. The only thing that bothered me getting it was the fact it is the start of a series and I tend not to read a series until they are complete. I do this as I'm not a patient person willing to wait until the next one comes out. I borrowed it as it called to me to do so, and hoped it would be a good read.

The Plot

Red is the second daughter of the kingdom and fated to likely die an early death by the wolf. The legend says "The first daughter is for the throne, the second daughter is for the wolf." Most people would have tried to change their fate knowing they were sentenced to die at birth, but Red accepts it to protect the people she loves. She has a strange power that seems to endanger her older twin and herself so, she willingly goes to the Wilderwood to be with the wolf and hopefully spare her kingdom from the monsters in the wood, but the legends may not be all that they seem.


It is rare I read a novel in only 2 days and rarer more that during the second day I read until 3am unable to put it down. I'm glad I saw it that day in the library and will happily await the sequel. For the Wolf is a great dark fantasy of love, tradition, and of course fate but the twists to these concepts are familiar to those who know Beauty and the Beast. It still manages to be its own beast and will pull you in the depths of its world. As an author's first attempt, it only makes me wonder what more is in store in the future. If you love fantasy, you can sink your teeth into,

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