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Fractale- Anime Review

Now that I seem to have started a Box Set Marathon lately, here is another title I got the LE box set for. Why? Because the box looks pretty and it was on a deep clearance. This series just seemed like a nice fantasy to watch as well. Let's go on a journey with Fractale.


Clain's journey begins on an island where the Fractale system is collapsing. What starts this journey is finding a girl named Phyrne under a cliff, but then she disappears leaving behind only a pendant. Clain with only a pendant and an avatar in the shape of a girl sets out to find Phyrne.


I watched this right after having surgery so, I don't know if that impacted the way I saw this show, but here it goes. I thought everything was just okay, the characters the pretentious futuristic world, and the journey. . Is it best for people to be brainwashed into being good people or forsake religion and just do whatever you want with cool tech, or obviously ditch both and return to a simple life of cooking and farming. While the later choice is the obvious one, the world wants you to do as it shoves the message in your face so much in this 11 ep series it gets annoying. The only characters that learns anything is Clain and Phyrne as everyone else just seems to be tropes but not really characters in themselves. If you like a fantasy future with an obvious message and okay characters give this short series a quick watch, I doubt you'll come back for more.

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