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From the New World- Anime Review

I first saw this series not long before I made this blog but never got back around to watching this until now. From the New World, as a warning this series can be graphic and dark. There is young death the series goes from a perfect world to revealing its dark secrets on how that world was even made. It is a series on a dystopian society that pretends to be a utopia.

The Plot Saki and her friends live in what seems to be a perfect society where there is nearly no technology. Saki a late bloomer gains her powers after all her friends and is sent to Sage Academy(a school to develop the powers) mysteriously their friends Reiko disappears from the school and soceity and Saki and her friends forget about Reiko. Not long after they stumble upon their worlds dark secret on how it came to be. What will they do with this info and how will they survive once they know the world they live in is a lie?

My Review This anime's story is fairly deep, dark, and complex. I love how it goes from the main character being a 12yo to an 26yo so you get to see many points of her life and how the world changes in time. The history of this world is very interesting to me and how these people live in such a society where people missing is the norm. I also find the animation and music to be beautiful. If you wish to see an anime that has a great, deep, complex, and disturbing story then I fully recommend From the New World.

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