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Full Metal Panic- Anime Review

It is now time to start a series with 4 different seasons, all with their own titles. This all started when I found a box set at Level up Games, and then at Half Price Books I found Fumoffu. So, I decided it was time to give this series a review and a watch.


Kaname Chidori seems to be a normal, popular high school girl. Unfortunately, a group of terrorists think she may have special powers and want to capture her. Luckily, Sousuke Sagara an secret agent from Mithril is on the case to protect her. Will Sousuke be able to keep his identity hidden and be able to keep Kaname out of harms way?


This is one of the most fun action comedy anime I've ever seen. The humor is mostly due to Sousuke misunderstanding situations as dangerous, but it works for this series. The military missions do get serious and there is death so there is a tone shift frequently in this anime. If you like serious humor and action it is your mission to watch Full Metal Panic!

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