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Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory- Anime Review

It is finally time for the 4th and final season so far of Full Metal Panic! This one takes place right after the events of the previous season and no comedy break between this action series. Let's complete our mission to watch Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory.


Amalgam is on a mission to collect all the whispered including Kaname Chidori. Leonard Testarossa ends up threatening Kaname's friends, and Kaname's choice will affect the future of this battle. With new weapons and enemies, can Sousuke and Mithril win?


This series just gets better and better to me. The stakes are higher, traitors, innocent death, and all of Mithril surviving by one sub. Sousuke is mostly working alone, but he can sustain the series just fine. I can't wait for a possible season 5 to hopefully see this amazing series have an end. If you watched the previous seasons don't stop now, you haven't seen the end of this.

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