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Full Moon O Sagashite-Manga/ Anime Review

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Full Moon O Sagashite or just Full Moon for short is one of my all time favorite manga(and anime I'll review that later). It is part slice of life and part fantasy for while it handles serious topics like suicide, death, orphans, and how tragedy affects how we live life it has Shinigami (like grim reapers) and magic.

12yo Mitsuki Koyama dreams of becoming a singer so she can reunite with her beloved Eichi Sauraki a boy who moved to America with his new parents after being adopted from the same orphanage. Unfortunately, Mitsuki is unable to sing due to a tumor in her throat, until she meets Takuto and Meroko. Takuto and Meroko are Shinigami that were sent from the underworld to find out who is going to prevent Mitsuki's death in a year. After hearing about Mitsuki's dream and problem they agree to help her achieve her dream of being a singer, by transforming her into a 16 yo girl alter-ego named Full moon. While Mitsuki is Full moon she is healthy, so the tumor in her throat doesn't prevent her from singing. Now Mitsuki plans to live her remaining year, to the fullest, of being a singer and hopefully be reunited with Eichi.

Manga Review

As I said above this is one of my favorite manga, on how it deals with real life events, while being an uplifting fantasy. I really love how the Shinigami are being portrayed as beings who were once human. It somehow manages to fit so much story into a short 7 volume series that somehow doesn't feel rushed and the ending feels so perfect. I will give this series high praise for merging life, death, and fantasy so well and having such amazing characters.

Anime Review

I also greatly love the anime. The story was tweaked a bit to fit the 52 ep running time whitch I'm honestly okay with. I saw the anime first so to me the changes don't bother me. I love the music in the anime and it shows better of the life of a singer then seeing print on a page. The story is still as amazing as it was in the manga so not much to touch on with that in the anime so if you prefer to watch(with subtitles as there has never been a complete dub), then to read then check out the anime.

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