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Fullmetal Alchemist- Manga Review

I finally got the Manga boxset of this series. I have previously reviewed both anime series, but now it is time to review the manga series that started it all.


After Ed and Al fail to bring back their mom which cost Ed an arm and a leg, and Al his entire body. Luckily, Ed managed to attach Al's soul to a suit of armor. Equipped with an auto-mail arm and leg, Edward becomes a State Alchemist to get back what the brothers lost. To do this, they need the Philosopher's Stone.


I can see why while brotherhood is the anime that is closest to the manga it's not quite as complete as the manga. The order things are shown, and many subplots are taken out of brotherhood, that this has made it feel much more of a complete story. The artwork of the manga is great and well done and the bonus of 4 panel comics add a bit of humor if the volume ends on a sour note. What else can I say? Your Fullmetal Alchemist collection isn't complete without the manga.

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