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Fullmetal Alchemist V.S. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood- Anime Review

I decided instead of doing 2 separate reviews since both anime are fairly similar and have the same premise to do them together in a duel review. I will likely do the same for Fruits Basket when the new series is completed. For now, let's dive into the 2 series where many people state one is good and the other must be bad as for some reason they both can't be good.

The Plot

Ed and Al both lost something when they tried to bring their mother back years ago. Ed lost an arm and a leg, and Al lost his entire body and must now live as a suit of armor. Having learned their lesson in bringing the dead back, they now just wish to return their bodies back to normal, but what price will they have to pay?

My Fullmetal Alchemist(with the movie Conqueror of Shamballa) Review

I still love this series even though it is not that close to the original manga. I doubt its simply nostalgia that I enjoy it either. I think as far as an anime series that stray from the manga they did a great job considering this anime was beloved so much for years until FMA: Brotherhood came out and many people who haven't read the manga found out that was the original story.

I find it interesting that our world is connected to theirs and that the humoncious are created from failed human transmutations(even though it seems odd that only 7 were created you'd think more people would have attempted it). It is also interesting that alchemy doesn't work in our world and thus we use science while FMA's world relies more on alchemy than technology.

My Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Review

I will admit the story is far bigger and better in this series. The ending made me cry and same when a character only in this series died. While the series barely glanced over what happened in the beginning (the part both series share I guess they didn't want to be repetitive), the later characters even the evil ones were great. I only wish I could see beyond the ending as I think there is still a good story there.


Yes, I do think Brotherhood is better, but I still love the original. Brotherhood maybe the better of the 2 in nearly everything, but the original is still, one people should see as well. If you want my recommendation, I recommend seeing the first series then Brotherhood as you will see improvement over probably slight disappointment if you see them the other way.

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