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Gakuen Alice- Anime Review

Gakuen Alice is another school comedy anime, boring right? No, this is a school where each student has magic powers some useful and some pointless but nearly all of them are weird. This is another one I'm sure I came across by going to Crunchyroll and searching by genre.

The Plot

Mikan Sakura and Hotaru are best friends but when Hotaru mysteriously transfers schools Mikan of course follows her. The school she ends up at is a school for children with magic powers called "Alices". Mikan it turns out also has an "Alice" a rare one to boot. Can Mikan survive in a school where everyone has magic powers and chaos is expected to happen daily?

My Review

This is a great kids anime it was a lot of fun to watch and everyone's abilities were unique. Not everything is happy go lucky as there are dark things that go on at the school, but most things get resolved okay. If you want to see a fun kid version of X-men where there is a school of abilities but there is more learning and fun than life saving missions then this anime is for you.

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