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Ghost Girl-Book Review

Time for some Halloween(even though it's late) related books. I owned this book for a while after reading it years ago so, it's time to dust off the cover and revive this series for a read(I own all 3).

The Plot

Charlotte Usher is a girl invisible to everyone at school and despite her big makeover she didn't make an impact, kind of. She died at school choking on a gummy bear trying to talk to the guy she likes. No one showed up at her memorial so now that she is dead she is even more invisible than ever. It turns out the reason she still "exists" is due to an unfinished task she must accomplish what is this task and will she ever rest in peace?


I kind of liked and enjoyed this book. It was obviously written for middle school to high school freshman, but it has a nice charm to it. Charlotte is your typical invisible teen, Scarlet is a punk/goth, and everyone else fits into their niche. I like the book quotes and mini lessons on life, it has before each chapter as it kind of adds to the story. If you like ghosts, teen drama, and comedy give this little book a read.

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