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Ghost Hound- Anime Review

It's time for another ghost mystery series this Halloween. I got the first set of this due to the fact last year when I ordered from Right Stuf they included a free bargain item with a coupon code, so this is the series I got. I got part 2 of this series from Anime Midwest from a bargain bin, so I have high hopes for this.

The Plot

Taro Komori witnessed the kidnapping and death of his sister at the age of 3 and to this day he still gets nightmares on it. He decides enough is enough and to find answers behind the kidnapping with 2 new friends who also witnessed tragic events. The trio get wrapped up in ghosts and dark events as they try to find the truth.

My Review

Unless you can understand complicated concepts like quantum physics and neurology you will likely not understand a good chunk of this anime. I managed to get through vaguely understating the plot and why things were happening, but I feel like I missed something. I'm also sure there was symbolism or other deep things that can be hard to wrap your mind around as well. When I finished, I had no idea what I thought about this series.

I did enjoy the out-of-body experiences and seeing the strange "spirits" and learning the crazy cult that kidnapped children in hopes of finding one that can contact "god," but once it went more down the science route I got more confused. If you are knowledgeable on advanced science and multiple realities, you will probably enjoy it more than I did.

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