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Ghostgirl: Lovesick- Book Review

The last book was fairly depressing, but hopefully the final book will have an happy ending. Romance seems to be the theme this time so it will either end in tragedy or love will conquer all. Let's see if the dead have an heart in Lovesick.


Charlotte has one more task to complete before she can rest in peace. She must return to the place she died and complete a class project, but what happens if you fall in love with it? Charlotte may be willing to die again for love, but can she stand being invisible again?


It's a downgrade after the last book, because the only issues this time around are relationship issues. When your only concerns stem to "will they get back together?" the stakes aren't very high. While this book was still fun for the characters, it didn't end on a high note or even ended the series. It just ended on another cliffhanger, but other than a couple of novellas/ebooks the series never got an conclusive ending. If you liked the previous 2 Ghostgirl books this is much the same and not much more.

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