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Gingitsune- Anime Review

Yokai spirits and shrine gods have always appealed to me as a subject in anime. I'm always on the look out for the next anime to feature yokai. I have seen this series before but imagine my surprise when I haven't given it an official review. It is long past time to review this series so let's give it a look now.


If you pray to a deity with your heart you will feel it's presence. Makoto Saeki can do more then just feel, she can see and speak to the spirits of the Seaki Inari Shrine. Which can be difficult as friends and classmates don't know about Gintaru the irritable Herald who has occupied the shrine for hundreds of years. Luckily, her father believes Gintaru is more then just a figment of the imagination. Between them Gintaru is easily persuaded to help those who need it. When another young man arrives with his own Herald issues at his shrine it'll take more then prayers to sort things out.


I liked the characters in this series, but the plot itself didn't have much going for it. I also felt this series was fairly short and ended too soon. I don't know if my exceptions were too high due to liking this series before and thinking I'd love it more then I do or just seen better anime since then. If you like a simple slice of life with spirits and likeable characters you may like this, but there is better anime out there.

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