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Girl Got Game-Manga Review

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

I have fond memories of this manga, as it introduced me to the gender bender genre of manga. Gender benders are stories where a girl needs to live as a boy for some reason. In Girl Got Game Kyo Aizawa has to transfer to Seiyu High School because her father wants her to be in the top high school basketball team; Unfortunately the top high school basketball team is a BOYS team so Kyo's father makes her go to school as a boy even forging transfer papers stating she is in fact a boy.

Things might get worse when Kyo meets the star player Chiharu Eniwa who is a power forward. Chiharu Eniwa is amazing at basketball but doesn't get along with Kyo at first. To top it off Kyo must share a dorm room with him, In time they get along as friends but maybe more or would be more if they weren't both guys(or at least if Chiharu didn't think she was a guy).

Since Kyo lives with a boy she has her work cut out for her in pretending to be a boy basketball player. Not to mention the dorm only has 1 bath, and the team has a shared locker room. Will she be able to keep her developing feelings from Chiharu and keep her gender a secret under the risk of being expelled if she is found out?; For the answers check out the 10 volumes of Girl Got Game!

If you like gender benders or interested in the concept I think you'd enjoy this, even if your not a big fan of sports like me. I rate this series a 10/10, as now that I, finally, own this series I plan to read it over and over!

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