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Goblin Slayer(RR)- Anime Review

This is a Review Request from my best friend. I asked her to give me a review request being a bookworm that she is I figured the request would be a book but it was an anime series called Goblin Slayer. I never heard of this series but it seems to be a fantasy series, so I'll give it a chance.

The Plot

In this fantasy world where there are many classes like mages, warriors, and alchemists, all inspiring adventurers joins The Guild. The Guild allows you to complete contracts for the many jobs that it posts. A Priestess wishes to do the same but when the job goes horribly wrong due to goblins her entire party is slaughtered. She is saved by a man known as Goblin Slayer who only takes jobs to kill goblins. After she is saved by him she decides to join his party(of one), and the 2 of them travel together to complete jobs.

My Review

This anime was great if you love fantasy worlds and don't mind graphic images of blood and violence. The Goblin Slayer is an interesting guy and while he is mostly emotionless as he, and the Priestess get closer and travel more he loosens up a bit. The one thing that confuses me is that no one really has a name or is called by one, they might have titles or nicknames but no one really has a name. Goblin Slayer gets an 7/10 for being an interesting take on the guy that doesn't hunt the biggest creatures in the world but that don't mean they are less dangerous.

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