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Gork the Teenage Dragon- Book Review

I was recommended to read this book from someone at Open Books. I found it to be interesting as it was told from the Dragon's point of view. It is honestly hard to describe this book, but I'll do my best to give it justice.

The story of Gork starts on earth where he was hatched and spent his first 3 years of life trying to survive on his with nothing but a spaceship for safety. In his 3rd year of life, on Earth, he is attacked by a pack of wolves and is saved by his Grandfather Dr. Terrible.

Dr. Terrible is true to his name when he raises Gork but that is the way of Dragon life the strong, selfish, and cruel ones are more valued than the weak and soft hearted. Gork unfortunately is the later, his heart is so big he is considered the most undesirable Dragon on his home planet. It is unfortunate that is so undesirable due to the fact it is now Crown Day where he is to give a crown to the Queen of his dreams Runica the most desirable Dragonette in War Wings Academy or be forced into slave labor. Will Gork be able to win over Runica or will he have to be a slave forever?

I enjoyed this book in a strange way. The world it takes place in is so strange and surreal that you just can't stop reading. I'm sure if you like fantasy, magic, sci-fi, and dragons that you will read this book to the end to see Gork's fate. I will give this a 7/10.

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