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Graze 4 Snack Starter Box- Mystery Box Review

Graze is snack subscription box where you can get a box of snacks every week, bi-weekly, or monthly. There is over 100 different snacks that might end up in your box. You can also edit your preferences for ingredients, no spicy food, gluten, vegetarian, or even vegan. The normal sized sub. boxes have 8 snacks per box for $11.99 each, but I got a coupon for a free 4 snack sampler box so that is what we'll be viewing today. Here are this box's snacks:

My food preferences were no spicy, no pineapple and no raisins(I just now removed the no raisins preferences as there will be a squeal review of Graze due to getting a 50% off box coupon). I still feel like I got a good variety of snacks as none of the 4 seem to be similar. The box also included a nutrition info sheet based on the snacks I received.

Snack 1: Cranberry Hazelnut Toasts with Rich Cocoa Dip(in the top left)

Calories: 130 Fat:6g Sugar:12g Protein:1g

Allergies: soy, nuts, wheat

Review: The Cranberry Hazelnut toasts are pretty a salty, crunchy, biscuit with cranberries inside. The dip is a rich dark chocolate. The toast and dip together, the salty, semi-sweet, combo is a nice low calorie treat.

Snack 2: Sweet Mustard Ranch-pretzels, sour cream and onion cashews and mustard breadsticks(top right)

Calories: 130 Fat:8g Sugar:less than 1 Protein:4g

Allergies: wheat, milk, and nuts

Review: The pretzels were ok, but I loved the onion cashews and the breadsticks.

Snack 3: Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack(bottom left)

Calories:240 Fat:12g Sugar:16g Protein:2g

Allergies: None

Review: This snack is soft and chewy with a great taste of apples and cinnamon.

Snack 4: Sweet Rhubarb Jam-rhubarb slices, apple, and cranberry(bottom right)

Calories:100 Fat:0 Sugar:20g Protein:0

Allergies: None

Review: I liked the cranberries but the apples and rhubarb are sickly sweet, so I mostly just ate the cranberries.

My favorite was the Apple Cinnamon Flapjack and while I didn't care for the Sweet Rhubarb Jam I can mark it off on Graze, so I don't get it again. I think the snack sampler was a nice free box but next time I'll get twice as many snacks so I look forward to trying out more!

If you like mostly healthy homemade snacks, and trying out new things then give Graze a try! I was not paid for my opinion all of my opinions on my blog are mine and mine alone unless, otherwise, stated thanks for reading.

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